Dr. Hilla Limann, First President of Ghana’s Third Republic

Ghana Town was established 65 years ago in 1958 after some group of Fantis Travelled from Central Region to The Gambia in West Africa, the Country has accommodated over 1000 citizens of Ghana with Elders being the majority.

Several Leaders of Ghana Have paid a courtesy call on the community which has served as a second home to lots of Ghanaians in West Africa.

Some Residents Of Ghana Town in Gambia exalted Dr. Hilla Limann for his selfless leadership and for being the first Ghanaian head of State to Visit them several years after they left Ghana for greener pastures.

“..We picked out boats and kept it in a ship, we were planning on settling at Freetown in Sierra Leone but the captain passed by and was heading to France, so we opted to alight in Gambia..”

Other heads of State they mentioned include Late Flt. lieutenant Rawlings and Current President of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo acting in capacity as Foreign Minister in Former President Kuffour’s Regime.

Dr. Hilla Limann was first President of Ghana’s third Republic, he hailed from Gwollu in Sissala West District and has left a prodigious Legacy in Ghana.

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Source: Wodemaya/Facebook

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