Accident Occurred on Wa Municipal Hospital Road

A Driver and a child have veered off a Major Road on their Way from the Wa Municipal Hospital Stretch through to the Wa Main Traffic.

The Vehicle with Registration Number
AP-572 -21 was being used by a man with his child when the accident Occured at 11:05pm, Friday 20th January 2023.

The victims came  out unhurt after the incident.

Road Safety Management Division of Ghana Police Service in a Vehicle with Registration Number GP-3680 Were timely and were at the scene to assess the magnitude of the accident and issue assistance.

The Accident Vehicle Destroyed some properties in a container shop close to Sungbawiera Foundation, an organization located few meters close to Tendamba Primary School.

Speaking to Assembly Member for Kabanye Electoral Area, Hon. Siita Iddrisu Erasung, He indicated that the Accident Vehicle is to be towed out of the scene whilst Properties of the affected shop will be moved into a different space for safe keeping.


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