DCE for Wa East, Mr. Ewurah Suleman(Middle)

The incumbent District Chief Executive (DCE) for the Wa East District Dr Suleman Ewurah Kandia Mahama, has filed his nomination form to contest in the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) parliamentary primaries for the Wa East constituency.

With his nomination form submitted to the appropriate party officials, Hon.Dr Suleman Ewurah sets his sights on becoming the party’s parliamentary candidate, aiming to unseat the incumbent Member of Parliament Dr Godfred Seidu Jasaw of the National Democratic Congress.

Speaking about his decision to participate in the parliamentary primaries, Dr Suleman Ewurah expressed his gratitude to the NPP for providing a platform for party members to contribute their skills and ideas towards national development. He highlighted his belief in a team-driven approach to governance, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and unity to tackle the challenges faced by the constituency. The Parliamentary Candidate Hopeful assures the party faithful and delegates that, he is the only candidate from the NPP who can defeat the incumbent MP as he describes himself as a “Political Magician”, charging the party faithful not to despair by the abysmal performance of the New Patriotic Party in the 2020 general elections.

According to the DCE, he has spearheaded several impactful initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the people in the Wa East constituency. Notable achievements according to him include the implementation of infrastructure projects in the area of education and health, agricultural support, and empowering the youth by securing them permanent employment. He also trumpeted his relentless efforts at securing Manwe and its environs a leased concession with a license for community mining purposes, saving them from military brutality and harassment. The Parliamentary Candidate Hopeful in addition assures some communities in the Chakali bloc without electricity to count on him as he is making frantic efforts towards connecting them to the National grid.

As the anticipation for the upcoming parliamentary primaries builds, Dr Suleman Ewurah has called on party members, supporters, and constituents to embrace political tolerance, unity, focus on issue-based campaigns, and contribute constructively to the growth and progress of the party and the Wa East constituency in general.

The Parliamentary Primaries are crucial for the NPP as they constitute an internal mechanism to determine the party’s parliamentary candidates for the 138 orphan constituencies across the country. The NPP is known for its democratic approach to candidate selection, thereby allowing party members to participate in the decision-making process.

With the submission of his nomination forms, Dr Suleman Ewurah now awaits the verification and subsequent clearance by the party’s vetting committee. Following this stage, a comprehensive campaign strategy will be rolled out to engage party delegates and constituents, outlining the candidate’s vision, achievements, and plans for further development and progress in Wa East.

The NPP parliamentary primaries in Wa East will soon bring forth a vibrant contest, allowing party members and the constituents to choose a candidate who, they believe, will serve them diligently and advocate for their interests at the national level.

Source: Chaggu Naa Bawa

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