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The Member of Parliament for the Wa East constituency, Hon. Dr Godfred Seidu Jasaw has once again, demonstrated his commitment to supporting education and the wellbeing of students by generously donating essential food items to Loggu Community Day Senior High School (SHS) and Funsi SHS.

The kind gesture by the MP came at a critical time when schools across the country are grappling with food supply challenges posed by food suppliers’ inability to supply these schools with food due to the government’s failure to honour its financial obligations to the food suppliers.

The donation ceremony took place at Loggu SHS, where a delegation led by the MP, Hon Dr Seidu Jasaw arrived to deliver the food items. The delegation was warmly received by the Wa East District Education Director and her staff, school administration, staff, and some students. The MP, in his address, emphasized his commitment to supporting education and ensuring that students have access to the necessary resources for their development.

The donated foodstuff included ten 50 kg bags of rice, four sacks of maize, and two gallons of cooking oil. These provisions will not only help alleviate the food shortage challenges faced by both schools but will also ensure that students have access to nutritious meals, enabling them to focus on their studies.

Expressing her gratitude, the District Education Director Madam Ayisha Jinsung who received the foodstuff on behalf of the two schools, thanked Hon. Dr Godfred Seid Jasaw for his generosity and commitment to the well-being of the students. While assuring the MP of fair distribution of the foodstuff to the beneficiary schools, the Director highlighted that the MP’s donation would go a long way in supporting the school’s feeding program, which is faced with difficulties due to scarce resources.
The school’s administration and students present expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the timely intervention.

The MP emphasized that investing in education is a crucial step towards building a brighter future for the Wa East constituency. He assured the schools’ administrations and the larger community that he would continue to advocate for and actively support initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education in the Wa East District.

The MP’s donation is expected to enhance the students’ well-being, support their academic journeys, and ultimately contribute to their overall success. With this act of goodwill, Hon Dr Godfred Seidu Jasaw has once again demonstrated his dedication to the betterment of education in the Wa East constituency.

Source: Chaggu Naa Bawa

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