Mr. Leander Benjamin Denied Rape Accusations

On the 7th of July 2022 which was Loggu Market Day, a Teacher of Loggu JHS had invited a Female student to his house with claims she is a close friend.

The girl was locked up in his room, she later called for help from community members and was freed.

The teacher involved by name Leander Benjamin went into hiding.

He later sought refuge from the Imam of Loggu after youth in the town went after him.

Speaking to the Teacher on Friday 8th July 2022 he revealed reasons behind his action to Upperwestmedia Team.

” I called the girl to my room to cook for Me, she speaks the language I speak, the student is new in the community, she came from the south and personally I am not good in waali, so I got along with her because she can speak the language i speak”

The teacher was questioned as to why he locked up the girl in the room.

“I wanted to protect her, I am into mobile money business and I have several gadgets in the room including money, I kept her in the room and went out but I locked her up in the room to protect her, it was a teacher by name Fatawu who revealed to people that there is a girl in my room, I don’t actually know the school he works.”

Upperwestmedia Team enquired to Know how he communicates with other students since the girl was the only girl who speaks the language he speaks.

“I am not too fluent in Waali and we all know the education situation now, most students can’t speak English so I use signs to explain what I want to teach, a few understand English so they tell them what I want to communicate”.

” I didn’t try to have sex with the girl, there were lots of people there and it was in the afternoon, so logically I won’t even try having sex, I only have a friendly relationship with the girl”

Meanwhile the Imam of the Area Alhaji Nuhu has warned the Teacher to desist from establishing close Relationships with female students.


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