Wa Municipal Director of Education, Miss Sophia Dimah Nandzo

The Wa Municipal Education Directorate has indicated that the Municipality is choked and as a result there wasn’t the need for new teaching staff from other districts.

Some Staff from Wa West and Wa East have reportedly declared interest in the Wa Municipality due to issues of Accommodation and absence of teaching resources such as Furniture, School blocks etc.

In a notice pasted at the Municipal Education Office, it Indicated that Transfers into the Municipality can’t be granted adding that the number currently in the Regional Capital was being managed in order for some interested applicants to be released to other districts or Municipalities on their request.

The Directorate has opened the opportunity for staff willing to take transfers out of the Regional Capital to Apply.

Also list of interschool Transfers has been released by the Director, Madam Sophia Dimah Nandzo.

Meanwhile, Some staff of Wa East, Wa West, DBI have complained of not receiving their laptops.

[Download Temporal Letter]

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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