Lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakur, Principal State Attorney (Right)

The Wa High Court Presided over by his Lordship Justice A. Yussif Asibey has sentenced two men Isaahaku Musideen and Musah Alhassan to 15 and 20 Years in Prison with hard labor Respectively over robbery.

The Two convicts attacked some Civilians Including a pregnant woman and took away their properties on 13th November 2021 between Saamanbo and Ga in the Wa West District.

One out of four Suspects involved in the crime was lynched whilst another by name Roger was on the Run, two others, Isaahaku Musideen and Musah Alhassan were later arrested, they were sentenced to jail today, 25th January 2023 on six counts to be served concurrently.

Previously, Isaahaku Musideen was earlier convicted by the Wa Circuit Court before he appeared at the High Court for a different trail, he was sentenced to 25 years in Prison by the Wa Circuit Court meaning he will be serving a total of 40 Years in Prison with Hard Labor.

A motorbike belonging to Isaahaku Musideen was confiscated by the High Court and is to be sold to compensate the victims of Attack including Miss Theresa Ansore who can still press charges against any of the convicted.

In Simple Terms.

Isaahaku Musideen – 15 Years on 6 Different Counts (Jailed for 25 years in Wa circuit Court)

Robbery Case tried in Wa High Court.
Musah Alhassan – Jailed for 20 Years with
Hard Labor.

Compensation, a Motorbike belonging to Musileen will be sold to compensate the Complainants.

One Roger at Large
One Lynched(Fulani)

Miss Theresa Ansore can still press charges.

Four were involved in the Robbery


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