Madman Dominica Dery, Former Wa East GES Director

A Retired District Education Director for Wa East, Madam Dominica Dery has expressed dismay with the rate at which some state institutions including the Lands Commission has persistently Charged her taxes she has no knowledge of.

Madam Dominica Dery has a four bedroom Apartment close to Pet Vero Guest House.

Speaking to Yirimambo Advocacy group at Kpaguri in her residence, the Educationist indicated that the Lands Commission Charged her ground rent, Accommodation rent, sore rent totaling a out Ghc900 yet she is still mandated by the Wa Assembly to pay Property Rate through the GRA, she expressed shock and confusion with the development.

“..Land Commission, that even where I’m staying I should pay ground whatever, ah! Building permit is finished!, Before you build, you get building permit, The Lands Commission has been disturbing me and asking me to pay grounds rent, Accomodations rent, stores rent, that is what i have been paying, Ghc900…”

“..The time you payed your rent was timely, I got about 12 messages from the Assembly to pay Property rate, I went to the Assembly to pay property rate and I was told to go to GRA, I said I have been paying property rate to GRA, why do you send me messages on my Assembly, My Assembly , that is why I have come to you, because I go to pay annually at GRA and if I’m not going it’s because I don’t have the money yet and you were sending me messages and I have asked you what is it that I should pay and you told me to go to GRA and pay .

“Ask GRA whether i don’t pay”.

Madam Dominica Dassah Retired from Active Service in 2015.


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