Chief Chikah Francis Okoye

The Chief of Igbo Community in Wa, Chief Chikah Francis Okoye has released a special message for the people of Wa, Few days after he was interviewed by Upperwestmedia Team.

In the Message Sent to Upper West Media on 19th of September 2022, he expressed exasperation with the composure of People in Wa lately expressing his happiness over their decision to choose peace.


I am Chief Chika FRANCIS OKOYE sending my greetings to good people of upper west WA .Good evening my dear good people’s of upper west.  May God bless us and see us through. God will fight for the good people’s of upper west Region WA and bless us with his Macy and see us through. God loves us.    Victory ✌️🙌 is yours.

Chief Chikah Francis had indicated earlier on that the attacks on Igbos in Wa wasn’t fair suggesting that there were no facts to support the allegations that Igbos were behind the ritual killings in Wa Township. He urged Residents to use the police is addressing some issues Including searching Foreigners. He Concluded by condemning physical attacks on two Igbos who have Sustained severe Injuries with one currently transferred to Kumasi for treatment.

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