Rashid Anaata

Embattled Rashid Anaata, a Beautician Accused of Defiling eight girls in the Wa Municipality has expressed concern with how people are accusing him of Defilement without his side of the story.

Speaking out Home Radio’s Kunbiezung Kunlebzalim Kunteh on Monday 29th May 2023, he indicated that he is a pure native of Wa and has no intention of running away from the Law.

He added that no matter how long it takes she will return to face the law as expected.

“..I haven’t run away, those are allegations, ima lure native of Wa, I’m grandchild of Dondolee, and I’m from Limanyiri and also linked to Jangbeyiri and also Zongo so you can imagine how interlinked I am to Wa, even if it’s 1,000 years I’ll return, what if I stay away and later the case is Revived in the future?..”

Anaata is currently out of Wa in the Northern Regional Capital for Safety Reasons.

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Source: upperwestmedia.net

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