Assembly Member for Kpaguri, Hon. Osman Nurideen

The Assembly Member for the Kpaguri Electoral Area in the Wa Municipality, Mr Osman Nuurudeen, says he would have been happy if the Wa Municipal Assembly could support the Electoral Area with additional refuse Containers to will help reduce the sanitation problems in the electoral area.

He said he applied for additional refuse bins from assembly and they have gotten two but it was rather used to replace some old ones in the area.

Mr Nuurudeen, who said this in an interview with Info Radio, was reacting to concerns of some members of the area on the poor sanitation situation in the electoral area.

Mr Mohamed Issah, the Manager of the Kpaguri Public Toilet and Refuse Bin in Kpaguri had complained of inadequate refuse containers in the area.

Mr Mohamed said that the area is having Only one refuse bin which is not enough for effective waste management.

He said at times when it is full and he calls the Assembly’s vehicle even after payment, the vehicle still delays in picking up the waste.

He said he is sometimes forced to go to the Assembly himself and when he gets there, they start giving him excuses like there was no fuel which was why the car was delayed.

Meanwhile, the Assembly Member said the Municipal Assembly has taken the two old containers for repair which they are yet to receive.

He confirmed that the Assembly’s vehicle in charge of emptying the refuse containers sometimes delays in picking up the containers when they are full.

Source: Info Radio

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