Police Station, Wa

A ghastly accident which occurred along the Wa-Loho road near the Regional Hospital Junction has claimed the life of a man on Sunday afternoon.

The man, elderly, who was saddled on a motorbike heading towards Wa, was said to have died on the spot.

The accident involved a “V8 Land Cruiser” with registration number GB-2525-12 and a motorbike registered as NR-5082-17 moving from opposite sides.

Onlookers say the Land Cruiser which was on high speed burst its two rear tyres upon hitting a speed rump and veered off its lane, then slide by a long vehicle before finally colliding with the motor rider.

An observer said the creaking sound of the tyres of the car drew their attention and when they rushed to the scene, they found it was an accident, leaving a victim in comatose.

The police who arrived at the scene timely rushed the motor victim, the deceased, to the hospital where he was confirmed lifeless and body deposited at the morgue.

The police has since taken the driver of the Land Cruiser for interrogation and further investigations.

Source: Info Radio

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