Dr. Rashid Pelpuo(Right) DCOP Peter Ndekugri (Left)

Following the unceasing killings of several security men in the Wa Municipality, the member of Parliament for Wa Central Constituency, Dr. Rashid Hassan Pelpuo who doubles as President of the African Parliamentarians Forum on Population and Development (APFPD) has issued a statement Expressing dismay with the recent Abduction of Security Man taking place in Wa.


The last few years have recorded a mix diametrical opposed situations in the effort of ensuring security in Wa and its environs. There have been recorded successes in clashing criminal elements in thievery and
arm robbery.

Within the last two years or so there also emerged a much more devastating and horrendous criminal conduct of murder. In this new crime situation, Wa has been inundated with secretive murderous operators who work above all security arrangements and blatantly murder peaceful
citizens whose only crime is that they’re working members of families who are their bread winners.

This year has recorded an increased in missing and or murdered people. The victims are trapped at their
places of work, killed, body parts removed, and the rest of the body damped in shallow graves or taken to unknown destinations. This is a new situation in the Wa vicinity. The two most recent victims of this dastardly criminal act are Mr. Alhassan Yahaya and Mr. Badigbee Kwame

These evil acts of human destruction have left the people of Wa shocked and wondering what they have done wrong to a vicious terror group whose psychopathic conduct has the tendency to destroy society and its way of life. It is a matter the people of Wa cannot come to terms with and demand drastic innovative rethink of our security and investigative regime.

As the MP of the Wa the Central constituency find it necessary to voice out the views and expectation of my people. The people are worried and nervous at the happenings around them despite efforts made by key stakeholders in tackling the situation. They do acknowledge the quick response by the Wa Naa by rallying round the chiefs and people to be part of the security arrangement to help track down these shameless murderers. They also acknowledged the huge security input by the Wa Municipal and the Upper West Regional Security Councils, especially the singular effort by the Police Command under the leadership of Mr. Ndekugri Peter, However, the citizens of Wa are extremely worried that the security architecture has still not been able to hunt down the murders despite some investigations are seen to be going on.

The situation has generated uneasy situation of fear and panic. The terribly awful conduct cannot and must not be tolerated and we urge the security structures starting from the Ministry of Interior, the Regional Minister, and the Police command to beef up their security and for the people to cooperate and repprt any single person or group of people they may suspect to be part of this conduct.

Having initially had conversation with the Inspector General of Police, the Upper West Police Commander and the Regional Minister and the Wa Municipal Chief Executive I retain full confidence a lot has gone on  a lot more will be done to arrest this panicky situation.

Source: Royal DJ Prince

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