Reliable information forwarded to has clearly shown and exposed a ‘rot’ practice At the Wa Nursing Training College headed by George Y. Segnitome, A chief Health Tutor in charge of the school.
According to the informant, an undisclosed board was formed to charge an unrefundable Amount of Ghc50.00 from students who are not able to pay their fees early and fully. Students who owe even a pesewa would be charged the same amount which would multiply monthly as long as the fee owed is not paid. The special charge of Gh50.00 is not refundable and it has not been disclosed where the penalty would go to.


The letter served each victimized student tagged the student as being unfair to the institution for owing the school.
Some students have expressed their displeasure with this alternative referring to it as unfair to some impoverished students who have no external support but to fund themselves. They said the authorities are using this opportunity to extort money from vulnerable students because they perceive they are well off based on the allowances they take.
Nursing students pay school fees termly and each term a student is expected to pay nothing less than Ghc1800.00.
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