Residents of Wa Township have expressed distaste in how they are treated at the Wa Regional Hospital when they go to the facility for health concerns.

Wa Regional Hospital in Wa.

The residents told upper west media in a report that they either get ignored by some nurses who focus more on the phones playing games or browsing, they added that these nurses toil with emergency issues like accidents and shocks and as a result people lose their lives with the excuse that the patient has a smell of Alcohol or was careless.

Workers of the facility have also been accused of extorting money from patients who bring their wives in labor for delivery, these nurses according to the brainstormed victims are either asked to buy Detol, Soap, toilet rolls etc at inflated prices or directed to a particular Over the Counter Seller to purchase these items before their patient can be attended to, this attitude of workers have compelled people within Wa to seek for medical attention in private clinics in order to avoid the said extortion and carelessness of some staff in the Wa Regional Hospital. The Pharmacy Unit of the Hospital has Also be Accused of Always Directing Patients to their Preferred Over The Counter Drug Sellers With the excuse that there is shortage of Drugs.
These Residents used the opportunity to call on Authorities to call Some of these Staff with such Abhorrent behavior to order and also setup a committee to investigate the issues they also added that the guidance and counseling unit has been dormant.

However an Anonymous Nurse has put up a Writeup to defend the Image of Some Staff in the Hospital.

Full Statement Below.

Public Information!
Patient visits!

Patient visiting in the hospital is not a right especially to the extended families and friends or neighbours.

The main reason why hospitals allow relatives and friends to visit patients at routine periods is to avoid the impression of isolation on the patient and to quicken social rehabilitation after discharge of the patient from ward.

It is not the time for people to mass-in and try to show how much love you have for the patient. The patient is under care and doesn’t need your peeping and annoying interrogations in some cases to get better.

I have empirically noticed a trend where people walk into our emergency ward at any point in time to visit patients. This is not good. It is not a right and in fact it is detriment to the health of the patient and care at large.

My people of Wa. We keep complaining about the attitude of health workers towards us but I think we also have a big problem with discipline and following rules and regulations as regards certain hospitals practices. You are free to disagree.

Its hurts me when this gross indiscipline involves health workers and people of high class who are supposed to know better. We have to change and then we can force the nurses and doctors and all other health staffs to serve us well.

Some folks when they visit patients and they are asked to go out to protect the privacy of another patient ; they insult and humiliate health staffs. This is so wrong. It is only a social privilege you are allowed to see the patient. It is not a right.

One of the things that is equally disturbing is the prayer groups. Prayer is good to the patient to fulfill his or her religious need. But it is the right of the patient to chose to call for it or not. Those pastors in town in particular who feel you have the power to heal patients at the hospital and usually come to pour your anointing oil onto patients must seize this act immediately.

Even when a patient calls for a prayer. It must be one on one exercise that must be done silently not to distract other patients and you must not be seen giving anything except brochure or Bible to the patient. That’s the limit.

Those who when you are permitted inside and you come to wake patients up or change their positions at your will or even feed them without permission must stop this act. For example ,There was a day we were preparing a patient for a major operation in theatre and he was supposed to stay off food or anything through the mouth.

His surgery was scheduled for the next 30 minutes. His supposed auntie walked into the ward and on the blind side of staff; gave banana and water to the patient to take because the patient complaint of hunger and thirst.

This patient had to be delayed for a further minimum of 3 hours and his life was risked before he could undergo the procedure. Let’s stop doing things at the hospital to patients without asking for permissions. Sometimes we cause our relations to lose their lives and we blame hospital.

And oh those who come to announce bad news such as deaths to patients. We can get you arrested if you cause any danger to the patient.

Let’s stop visiting patients anyhow just so we can go out and spread rumours about their state. It is an unhealthy practice. The patient need rest not distractions.

Keep your time with the patient brief and leave when you are told to do so.
Please share this information with our elderly people to help us all.



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  1. Please am from wa and a journalist in Kumasi, what is being said is true they killed my father, 0242248994 I can tell you what happened

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