Nadowli-Kaleo DCE, Katherine T. Lankono

Residents of Kanyin-Duori, a section of Kanyini in the Nadowli-Kaleo District have decried the lack of electricity in the community, calling on authorities to come to their aid.

Madam Prudence Zambere, a resident of the community, said the lack of electricity is taking a great toll on every aspect of their lives as they have trek distances to mill flour for food and also charge their mobile phones.

She lamented that their families often sleep hungry due to the long hours spent before milling their flour from the other communities.

The residents could not fathom why Kanyini-Duori was connected to the grid when the conjoining Kanyini community and other surrounding communities were being connected.

They said Kanyini community was connected to the National grid since 2013 and Kanyin-Duori was left out with the excuse that the contract did not include that section of the community.

“For the years I have lived in this community, I have seen a central government project here and now, the electricity, we are denied. We are pleading, they [government] should come to our aid,” Mr Felix Malibu, a resident, lamented while pleading on authorizes.

Madam Alice Iguoh, another resident of the community, said that their school children depend on lanterns and torchlights to study at night.

She said the situation has been hampering negatively on the academic achievements of their schoolchildren adding that, they need a KG in the community.

The residents have also been lamenting over the lack of Kindergarten in the community for their children who are not old enough to walk to Kanyini.

They said most of their children are not in school and even the grownups when it rains heavily they find it difficult to go school due to a river that lies in between Kanyin-Duori and Kanyini.

The residents, therefore, appealed to the government, Non-Governmental Organizations, benevolent bodies and any group(s) of people or individuals to come to their aid.

Source: Info Radio

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