A number of students in Wa Technical Institute have been spotted with phones within the School’s Premises.

Wa Technical Institute

According to underground checks within the school, some students admitted they leave the phones outside the yard with some business owners close to school and go for them when the need arises. Speaking to the team, the students admitted they put the phones in polythene bags along with food they buy outside in order to outsmart the Security.

Furthermore, upperwestmedia checks proved the entry was loose as we were able to send in phones wrapped in polythene bag to achieve our search targets.

Wa Technical Institute,

To add up, Other female students within the school
Confirmed they go to charge their phones with the storekeeper when they run out of power suggesting she is a very good person.

These surveys confirmed the use of phones in The school.

Checks by upperwestmedia team revealed the storekeeper’s identity as Mary.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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