Chief Chikah Francis Okoye

Chief Chikah Francis Okoye, The Chief of Igbo Community in Wa has expressed shock with accusations labelled against him suggesting he keeps human parts in his room.

In rumors being speculated, several people have Alleged that Chief Chikah has human parts in his room, others suggested he deals in money rituals and as a result does not open his house for visitors.

Meanwhile Chief Chikah has expressed shock with the rumours labelled against him, he explained to Upperwestmedia Team in an Interview that his house has no human parts, he continued that some of his competitors at his workplace may be behind such speculations in order to make him unpopular.

He concluded that he is open for a surprise search and not an attack, he urged any youth group interested in searching him to come with a police permit or with the police.

Two Nigerians have been Attacked by irate youth of Wa in connection to Serial Killings in the Town.

Some Nigerian Shop owners were also attacked with some of their spare parts and phones looted.


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