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Two lads and a woman have Reportedly died in different accident situations on Wa-Bamahu road, 27th of June 2023.

The first case involved an adolescent boy from Watara Yiri, a Son of an Elderly Grinding Miller by name Nasiri who was heading towards Bamahu when the Accident Occured, the victim was riding a motorbike with a cousin of his before the accident Occured. He passed on whilst his cousin sustained injuries. He has since been laid to rest per Islamic customs.

Meanwhile the two others were on onboard a mini bus heading to Wa when an Accident Occured near Bamahu, one woman confirmed to be a resident of Duori, a Suburb of Wa Passed on Together with another male Passenger yet to be identified.

Most Road Accidents are caused by Over speeding and the use of unreliable spare parts including Tyres, the National Road Safety Authority has advocated for road users to respect road signs and Reduce their speed on the Road.

Road Signs in Wa have become advertising boards on which people paste stickers of political candidates and businesses.

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