Suspected Thieves

Two Lads have been apprehended at Degu Electoral Area by a private security man for stealing electronic gadgets belonging to some individuals in the area.

The Incident Occured on the 21st of June 2023 and the Security Man Spotted the young men carrying the Gadgets and in an attempt to leave the scene he threatened to deal with them if they attempt running and they as a result they surrendered.

Some Eyewitnesses stormed the scene and took videos of the development.

They have since been handed over to the police for further investigations.

Crime and drug abuse amongst the youth has been on the rise and an issue of Concern to Health Workers and Social Activists in the Wa Municipality. Some youth abuse Tramadol with others sniff super glow in order to keep fit.

Two Young Men have been killed so far in connection with petty theft in Wa Municipality, one at Sombo and the other at Kabanye.


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