Balawa Dam in Wa West District

The Balawa Dam, one of the oldest dams in the Wa West District has attracted attention lately due to its serene environment and cool breeze, at the site, fishermen are scene is canoes exhibiting their skills in fishing.

The Dam which contains lots of fishes and supports dry season farming is located about 29 Kilometers from Wa, the Capital of Wa. The Community Depends on the Dam for Water with lots of Pipes connected to the Dam to supply water to house holds.

The Community since it was carved out of the Wa District into Wa West District in 2004 has not been connected to the National Grid, several community members have complained about the development and how it affects their activities, some admitted that joining Wa West District has really worsened their plight and they wished they can join Wa Municipality in order to be able to access certain opportununities.


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