On 8th of March 2023, TV3 Aired a Documentary that exposed the illicit trade Semens for Money in Some Sections of Wa.

The Trade Involved a Foreigner residing in Wa, Upper West Region who was brought into the Country by an Agent to trade sex for money in order to make ends meet.

She had to pay Ghc5000 to her agent before she was set free to hustle on her own.

Throwing More Light, She Revealed that a condom of sperms is sold at Ghc100 or more depending on the Quantity to Ritualists.

What this Means is that, if one’s sperms are used by Ritualists, this are some of the predicaments you’re are most likely to face in Future:

Firstly, Give birth to imbeciles, its likely one will produce imbeciles as offsprings and in return the Ritualists will be earning at your expense, as long as the imbecile lives, they continue to earn money.

Secondly, Childlessness, one is likely to go childless once your Semens are used for rituals, this is because some of these Spiritualists renew covenants and it’s through your Semens, this Means all children in your lineage will have to continue dieing in order for Their ritual to be lucrative, it also means your partner(s) will have unexpected miscarriages.

Thirdly, Bad Luck, Your sperms are a link to you and this means its easy to get you Spiritually through your discharge, all opportunities you have are most likely to be turned upside down in favor of Ritualists, Making you helplessly unlucky.

Lastly, Death, Using your semens for rituals could mean death and it can come in many forms, this means one can die of an attack in bed or anywhere Spiritually not knowing the cause.


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