Anas to release another ‘explosive’ piece

The internationally acclaimed Ghanaian
investigative journalist explained that the piece
will reflect his disappointments in the last two
years. Speaking in an interview with Citi News’ Raymond Acquah, after addressing a forum on the role of investigative journalism in promoting anti-corruption in Ghana, the world acclaimed journalist insisted that the new story is guaranteed to shake the very foundations of the nation’s democracy. “I expect to release it one month from now. Iit’s the biggest story I have ever done, the most expensive story and it’s very explosive. I’ve been very disappointed in the last two years and I think that in the next one month you are going to understand why I have been disappointed.” “…In the history of this country, we’ve never had such a big story before because it’s going to shake the very foundation of Ghana’s democracy. I’m very disappointed but it’s a story that ought to be told,” he added.anas-aremey-anas-497x330

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