We Are Working To Improve our Small-Town Water Systems – Lambussie DCE

Lambussie Township faces acute water crisis as the whole town has to rely on two boreholes-for-water to survive.

The District Chief Executive, (DCE) Mr. Iddrisu Braimah Wikana said the problem accrued due to inability of the community to maintain small town water system which they drunk from because they had refused to pay for the water, and the assembly could barely raise revenue to run its activities including repairing the water system, especially paying for its electricity consumption.

He said: ‘the mechanised water system is not good for this area because community members do not see why they should pay for using it.’

At Kalfiesi in the District another small town water facility wastes away as the people have never access ‘single water’ since the project was completed and handed over to the Assembly.

In the last visit of bridge’s Ahmed Bamie to the facility; the entire facility has collapsed, its reservoir-tank fell off and broken, fenced wire collapsed into bush — total waste of resources. The project is World Bank funded from office of the erstwhile government

Credit: Bridgenews


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