Numbu comes home today after being evicted from Ghana most beautiful contest

Her exit was announced yesterday after the time of eviction came, yesterday was the 4th week of the contest and the starting point of eviction. Numbu the upper west representative was evicted together with one other contestant Ayeley. This Numbu lady’s selection was criticized by many youth in the region because of the manner in which she got into the contest, since then most people in the region have spoke and write publicly against this Numbu lady.
Here we are today, she has been evicted from the whole contest for her poor performance, from day one of the competition the judges have always complain of her level of confidence and boldness in the whole process. They keep correcting her almost every week, she also sometimes luck the regional content on most happening in the region. She hardly speaks completely without breaking or missing content, this together with the comments from the judges may have been her reason for eviction. For the voting segment, I think she was doing very great there because she even topped the voting chart before coming down to top five.

Back ground

Before the whole competition started, there were concerns about how Numbu got into the contest. Some believed she was corrupted into the contest after the two ladies who went for audition were all dropped from that stage. Since then they have been on her neck, today she is out and when you check on social media it seemed most people are happy because of the way they are talking on Facebook.

Credit: Bashiru Jinapor/Tumu

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