Wa Municipal: Hope Foundation Presents Qur’an’s to the Various Madrasats to Help With Their Studies

The program which was dubbed THE AWAKENING DAWAH under the theme ‘reigniting our eeman and the spirit of islamism” was a successful program which a good attendance… It was very enlightening as the speakers were very clear for their delivery… Sheikh shaban enlightened the audience on Jihad whilst sheikh Musah spoke one Taqwa and the love for one another and humanity at large. The program was chaired by the former M. C. E Hon. Nuhu Putiaha, also present were the minister’s presentative and the the M. C. E’s rep… Various scholars were present as well.
The president of Hope foundation, Abdul-kadir Seini spoke on hope foundation, a young organization made up of students. He also stated that the Awakening dawah was their fourth successful program within their first year of existence… And also called on the dignitaries present, the working populace, all and sundry to support them by joining the Hope partnership scheme….
Hope foundation is currently embarking on a project known as ‘INSPIRE A FUTURE LEADER’ this initiative is to make use of old text books that are no longer in use… These books will be channeled to needy but serious students in rural areas to make use of these books.

By Hope Foundation, Wa


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