Reports followed keenly by have put to birth reliable but shocking information about the ladies in Wa Municipality.
Urbanization was a contributing factor per reports.
On number one of a Waala girls scale of preference early in the morning is to visit her spiritual consultant to determine whether the cage is still closed. These girls influence how their husbands and boyfriends behave by putting substances prepared by ritualists and mallams into their food. When the food is consumed by the victim, he becomes under control.
These girls target the rich or married in society.

They strongly believe the rich can sponsor and pamper also they believe the married is responsible and would marry them per polygamy system which is practiced in Wa because of the Islamic society in it.
Ladies can travel as far as 100km(determination) in search of charms to control their partners. When that happens, anything they seek for, you are compelled to do it. Some of these ladies apply it on their sex organ not excluding the breasts and when sexual intercourse takes place, they are able to control the affected.
These ladies find it difficult to be with one man due to their high financial and sexual demands. This attitude is as a result of peer group influence deceiving them out of marriage for selfish reasons, some others thought marriage demands so much because one has to sacrifice, cook, take care of kids, resist men and their requests frequently.

What we found out. was told in an interview by a resident in wa.
” hmm you see all this happening, it’s the mothers of these girls, that is what they were thought, they grew up to meet their mother dominating the house and controlling their father, they saw it to be normal, some even grew up with single parents thus mothers who never had any good experience in marriage except for the frustrations it brought making them hate their partners for that experience, they raise their kids with that bitterness, what do we expect from such kids when they grow up?, the issue is from their mothers can you believe these ladies are given conditions by their mothers not to marry from some religious backgrounds, families, political colleagues(NDC,NPP), tribes due to some personal reasons, this keeps their children single and compelled to roam aimlessly around” Salim Abukari remorsefully said.
The Mallams, Pastors and traditionalists have made this a business opportunity to extort money from the said individuals.

By: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/