Wa Polytechnic appoints Professor Owusu-Marfo as new Rector

Professor Emmanuel Owusu-Marfo, a Chemical Crystallographer and Supramolecular Chemist, has been invested as the Rector of the Wa Polytechnic.
The Polytechnic Council Chairman, Professor Daniel A. Bagah, who performed the investiture, decorated the new Rector with the official robes and inducted him into office.
“By virtue of the authority conferred on the Governing Council of Wa Polytechnic by the Polytechnic Act, 2007 (Act 745), I, professor Daniel A. Bagah, Chairman of the Polytechnic Governing Council, hereby invest you, Professor Emmanuel Owusu-Marfo as Rector of Wa Polytechnic, this Saturday, 24th day of March, in the year of our lord 2018,” he said.
Prof. Bagah presented the Rector with the Wa Polytechnic Symbol of Office and Status and led him to take the Oath of Office.

“I will at all times preserve, protect and defend the status of the Polytechnic; and I shall dedicate myself to the services and well-being of the Polytechnic and to do right to all manner of persons,” Prof. Owusu-Marfo pledged.
He said: “Should I at any time break this Oath of Office, I shall submit myself to the rigours of the statutes of Wa Polytechnic and suffer the penalty thereof.”
The Polytechnic Council Chairman, various dignitaries and guests took turns to congratulate Prof. Owusu-Marfo for ascending to the highest office.


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