Wa: Twin Sisters Physically Assaulted with Blade Wounds For Stealing[Photos]

Two young girls revealed to be in their teens have been accused by their mother Biiana Dabuo of Stealing some amount of money from their house and have been assaulted

Vivian and Victoria were accused of stealing Ghc250 belonging to their uncle out of a total Ghc400.00. Biiana a pito seller in Wa suspected her daughters and asked his brother John Dabuo to discipline them for refusing to admit to the fact.
According to Victoria, She noticed Vivian picking some amount of money from their room which was Gh30 but advised her sister to return the money but later realised her sister went back for the money.

When Asked if she knew what her twin sister spent the money on, she affirmed and listed items including pants, trousers sandals and other costumes. John Dabuo went in search of them and had them at Kumbiahi, he transported them in a camboo tricycle to the Wa Sports Stadium where he used a new Blade to inflict wounds on their backs.

John Dabuo and Biiana Dabuo

They were rushed to the hospital and Had to undergo stitching with each twin taking twelve stitches on their backs.
Vivian with the aid of a friend made a police report after which her Uncle, John Dabuo was Arrested, he is to appear before court for physical assault alongside Biana Dabuo who is an accomplice.
Biana Was Later Granted Bail.

Story By: Ras Pelpuo

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