‘Arrogant’ Stan Dogbe Alienated Mahama From NDC –Jirapa MP

The handlers of former President John Mahama contributed to the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) humiliating defeat in the 2016 presidential elections because they alienated the former president from the party, NDC’s Member of Parliament for Jirapa, Dr. Francis Dakura Bawaana has said.
As the NDC continues with their diagnoses of the cause of the party’s defeat in last year’s elections, Mr Bawaana said Mr. Stan Dogbe’s “arrogance” and his disrespectful attitude towards leading members of the NDC greatly contributed greatly to the party’s defeat.
According to him, the former president was completely alienated from the structures and the grassroots of the party.
Recounting how he was shabbily treated when he sought a meeting with the former president in an exclusive interview with Starr News, Dr. Bawaana said: “My brother some of those handlers if I get I will shoot them. I’m being very honest. When you go to that area they are not correct. The way some of them treated people, and I’m one of them, I’m one of those that felt really badly treated by them.
“And I don’t care, I can even call some names, they were too arrogant around the president. I mean…Stan Dogbe was one of them. He behaved as if…you go to see the president, they will ask you to go through somebody like Stan Dogbe, and he will block you. For what reason? Do you know why the President asked the person to see him? And there were instances where, his attitude to every party member was like it doesn’t matter who you are, who matters is the President.”
He continued: “They caused disenchantment between the president and people that could have been bringing in the right information from the ground. Party leaders had problems, where did this Stan Dogbe man come from? Where did he come from? Where did he come from?”
Dr. Dakura, however, believed a return of Mahama as a candidate will make it easy for the NDC to recapture power in 2020.

By: Starrfm

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