Sissala Area Farmers Should Use ‘Chit’ to Collect Fertilizer – Regional MOFA Director

Farmers have been urged to use chit to procure fertilizer in the Sissala area in the meantime with the intention of clearing last year’s stock whilst the coupon and other fertilizer would be redistributed to the area.

“We are threading cautiously not to push in so much fertilizer that farmers cannot pick in the area, if there are excess the tendency for it to be smuggled would be high”
The Regional Director of the Department of Agric, Mr. Emmanuel Sasu Yeboah has told Radford FM local news at 5 on Monday evening that farmers should go for the chit from MOFA`s office, send it to the bank and bring the pay-in slip to collect their fertilizer, an assurance he has given in view of complaints from farmers about delay in the release of the coupons. “This year we are running the chit system to clear the backlog of fertilizer in Sissala East and West but the coupons will also come.”

Farmers, Mr. Yeboah said should pay the same amount of Sixty-Eight Ghana Cedis for NPK and Sixty-Three Ghana Cedis for Urea and assured when the stock is finished in Sissala East and West, fertilizer will be distributed to the area.
Being the two districts with the highest subscription for the planting for food and jobs and also the food basket of the region, the Regional Director said plans are being taken to correct challenges faced by the farmers in the area.

Within the week, fertilizer companies and dealers, Ministry staff will be meeting in Kumasi to discuss the issues of distribution but called on all to help reduce the perception of smuggling which is the reason for the delay in releasing coupons for farmers.

Mr. Sasu Yeboah when asked about suspected smuggling causing fertilizer shortage told RadfordFM listeners said ‘’probably it could be true but was quick on calling on all to play their part by enhancing the image of the area by telling the positive aspect of the two Sissala districts of being the highest producers of grains, cotton, legumes in the whole country in our efforts in feeding the nation, there are fertilizer available and this situation he promised, would be solved soon.

By: Radford Fm


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