Imoru Ayaana Resigns from MUSIGHA Position

The upper west regional secretory of the musicians union of Ghana(MUSIGA) has officially resigned from office.
Mr Tahiru Imoru Ayaana who became the secretary of the upper west brach of MUSIGA in 2016 after winning the regional elections has officially resigned today in a meeting held at Kedge Lodge by the president Mr Ahmed Abdul Rauf(King Raph) and some other members of the union. Mr Ayaana made it clear in the meeting that his reasons for resigning are personal.
He also indicated that he need ample time to focus on other personal duties and in other not to be an in active or a nonperforming executive, it would be better if he gave the mantle to someone else to work effectively.
He further made it clear to all that, his resignation from office as the secretary does not mean he has resigned from the Union and that he well continue to serve the union as a committed member and also offer his expertise when ever the needs arises.
After Mr. Ayaana presented his letter to the Union, the president ,Mr. Rauf(King Raph) and the other members present at the meeting gladly accepted his resignation and immediately appointed Mr. Haruna Sungumo A-Aziz as the acting regional secretary for the time been.
All necessary documents in His possession was released to the union and all necessary presentations where made. Other members present at the meeting were Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed(Talent) and Mr. Faisal(Rodd Faibo).


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