Some Anonymous People Drag Cletus Seidu Dapilah in The Mud

An undisclosed person has listed a lot of reasons why he thought Unlucky aspirant of Regional Secretary for NDC in Upper West shouldn’t be considered.

Mr Dapilah lost by a one vote Margin to Lawyer Lwanga Puozuing.

Cletus SEIDU Dapilah

Full Statement Below.

18 Reasons why CLETUS SEIDU DAPILAH SHOULD NOT be elected Regional Secretary of the NDC.

1. His strategy in politics is to divide and rule. Divide and rule politics is all he engages in. We need unity in the NDC in order to defeat the super incompetent NPP government in 2020. Cletus will set us back!

2. He is very selfish and thinks about himself and only his interest. He masterminded the removal of Hon. Vivien Kunko who was doing well as DCE for Jirapa, only to push all the powers that be to replace Vivien with him.

3. To further support point 2, when he was Constituency Secretary for Jirapa, he was appointed NADMO Director where he siphoned relief items to Wa where he opened a big shop and used some of the materials to build for himself. People who were meant to receive disaster relief items never got them!! Selfishness, cruelty, lack of empathy is what he represents.

3. When he was appointed DCE for Jirapa, he continued to hold on to his position of NADMO Director. He didn’t find ANYONE in the Party to be fit to be given this appointment. He was both DCE and NADMO Director throughout his term as DCE. Was he the only one fit to hold these positions? Shouldn’t others in the Party also be rewarded appropriately?

4. When he became DCE for Jirapa, he handed over the position of Constituency Secretary to another person, but REFUSED to be changed as the signatory to the Constituency’s account, etc. He was still controlling all resources that went to the Jirapa Constituency. This is nothing but greed.

5. He stole monies and misappropriated funds meant for Jirapa when he was DCE. As a result, he was ordered by the Regional Minister never to sign cheques of the Jirapa District Assembly. The Party protected him from being prosecuted.

6. As DCE, he siphoned campaign funds that were channelled through him for the Jirapa Constituency. He sat on donations worth over hundreds of thousands of Ghana Cedis. This is part of the reason he fell out with the MP for Jirapa, Hon. Francis Bawaana Dakura.

7. People’s marriages in the Region are not safe, as he is found of sleeping with married woman. He slept with one married woman and as a result, they broke his leg.

8. Cletus Seidu Dapilah is not a loyal person. He is well known for bitting the fingers that feed him. He used to be the pet of Hon. Justin Dakurah, then DCE for Jirapa. He was a known NPP member and it was only when he was chased out of Justin Dakurah’s house for stealing his money, that someone took him up to live in his room. This person groomed Cletus Seidu Dapilah up and today, they are bitter enemies. Again, even though Hon. Bawaana brought Cletus to the political limelight, today he is fighting him tooth and nail. Today, he is pushing someone to unseat Bawaana.

9. He believes he knows it all and that the grassroots do not matter. He has said time without number that he has Jirapa Constituency in his finger tips and that he alone controls what happens in that Constituency. This is gross disrespect for the many members of our great Party who sacrifice their lives for the Party and are not rewarded with positions unlike Cletus and co who have been the beneficiaries.

10. Cletus Seidu Dapilah is only looking for a job by his quest to be Regional Secretary. He is looking for a livelihood, he is not looking to serve the people of the Region. He is looking to further amass wealth.

11. He is saying that when he wins, he is going to be the one controlling all the affairs of the Party as the likely person to be elected as Regional Chairman is an “illiterate”.

12. He says he is going to contest Jirapa Constituency primaries. Which means that once we elect him, in less than a year, he would create a vacuum in the office of Regional Secretary by resigning to go and contest for the primaries at Jirapa. This would be very bad for the Party as there would be leadership crisis. This is also greed on his part.

13. In 2016 Elections, monies that were meant for Polling Station Agents found their way into his personal pockets and never reached our hardworking Polling Station Agents who stood in the sun for hours spearheading the interest of the NDC. This means that resources that will be coming to the Party will not reach our Constituencies. The destination of such resources would be his personal pockets and of course, his shop at Wa.

14.He gave contracts as DCE to known NPP supporters only because of kickbacks. Contractors loyal to the NDC’s course were sidelined.

15. Today he is alleged to be supported heavily by the NPP. He approached Kangberi, the NPP Regional Chairman, for financial assistance for his campaigns to be Regional Secretary of the NDC. This shows his disloyalty. We can’t trust him to be our Regional Secretary. The NPP through their Regional Chairman is touting that they will win more seats in addition to the five they grabbed from the NDC. It is clear that by supporting people such as Cletus Seidu Dapilah, the NPP may achieve such an agenda if we vote Cletus as Regional Secretary.

16. He is being investigated by certain state institutions for certain criminal acts allegedly conducted by him when he was DCE for Jirapa. If we elect him as Regional Secretary, we may only be embarrassed as a Party if they start his prosecution.

17. He is not a trustworthy person. Not one single MP in the Region has good relationship with him. He will sell out the Party in the Region if he is given the nod.

18. Let’s look at the other candidates for the position of Regional Secretary and vote massively for whoever is competent and has the ability to unite the Party in the Region and not someone who is just looking for a job to sustain his lavish lifestyle.

3y3 zu, 3y3 za!!

Cletus Seidu  Dapilah was the former secretary and district chief executive for Jirapa Municipality.

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