Reduce our Bride Price; Stop Selling Us – Nandom Girls ‘Roar’

Some group of concerned ladies from parts of Nandom District have complained bitterly of how their static marriage culture is affecting them.

According to Joyce from Gizeerr we interviewed , she admitted the bride prices chase suitors away and they can’t keep waiting to be sold out to get married, throwing more light, so listed a list of items to present before one can get married to a lady from Nandom area:
1. 500 cowries
2. 4 Cattle
3. Fowls
4. Goats
5. Money
And other undisclosed items.
Adding that the listed items are the least and can increase depending on the community.

Another lady by Name Esther Aabeyir suggested culture was dynamic and they expected their ways to be in line with the existing stages of development, she added that elders should recheck the requirements to reduce flirting and increase their chances of getting married since that has hindered their opportunities.

Doris Baaluntuo in an interview with Upper West Media sighted a situation where a man questioned here marriage requirements, asking whether she’s going to be vomiting gold afterwards. She concluded by saying her then boyfriend asked whether to take a loan for the marriage and after which the eat grass!.

Speaking to an elder of the Nandom traditional area by name Joseph Polikuu, he admitted the bride price was high but added that the men should value their women that was why it’s so, he also sited culture as one of the reasons for that and added it would go through a long process to change it. Concluding his point, he mentioned that women from the area still get married despite that so he sees nothing wrong with it, only that the ladies are desperate.


3 thoughts on “Reduce our Bride Price; Stop Selling Us – Nandom Girls ‘Roar’

  1. upper west media editor do you know any place call Nandom in upper west . Do just pick views of people without interrogation, it baffles me, because am a nandome, and I know there is no where in our culture that we take goats for dowry, no where do we take 500 cowries. The four cattle, you should find out very well. Please do not publish any how when you don’t have stories. It’s unfortunate for those innocent interviewees


  2. What exactly is this story about? Culture is indeed dynamic and we need to outmoded practices. I think the writer can do better than this! Please, kindly make sure you do your checks very well before publishing sensitive issues particularly when it borders on the lives of a group of people. Kindly get to the indigenous people to find out exactly how things are done regarding the dowry system in the area. Let me ask these questions for us to reflect o 1. On what basis is the dowry high? 2. Have conducted any comparative analysis of the dowry in Nandom with many other places? 3. Is that the only area you find ladies not getting married? Is it only ladies in this area that flirt? How about married people also flirting?
    Please, l can go on and on with fundamental questions regarding this matter. This is not to discredit the story but to put issues into their right perspectives. The issue of both men and women not getting married partner goes beyond just the dowry system. There are a lot of environmental determinisms and this is all over but not just Nandom. Despite the assertion of this story, do you know how many people go to the altar in the area every year especially during festive seasons? Kindly double check your sources of information before going public. All those items mentioned in your story aside the cowries mostly are negotiable and even that too in some areas. SoAm very careful with my choice of words because though an indigen, l don’t know much since it varies from one place to the other. Please, get your information from the right and many sources to make your story concrete. Change they say is a slow process.


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