St Theresa’s Hospital At Nandom Facing Challenges

The St. Theresa’s Hospital in Nandom in the Upper West Region which serves 54,600 people in its catchment area, is grappling with inadequate human and logistical resources.

The daily Out Patient Department (OPD) of 100 patients per day puts huge pressure on the limited staff.
Management of the hospital attributes the high attendance to the large population it serves as well as being the only hospital in the area that offers orthopaedics.
Even though the hospital has 250 beds, it struggles to provide admission due to high patronage.

There are five doctors in the hospital comprising one general surgeon, one orthopaedic surgeon and three others.
An orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Robert Amesiya, said even though most orthopaedic patients require operations, the hospital has only one theatre used for both orthopaedic and general surgery.

In view of this, he said surgery is sometimes carried out in turns.
According to him, 80 percent of staff of the hospital are not accommodated and “it is a big challenge considering the rural nature of the area.”
He complained that delays in payments of National Health Insurance (NHIS) claims was affecting healthcare delivery.

“Most of out beds and equipment have become obsolete needing change,” Dr Robert said.

Source: thefinderonline


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