U/West Regional Hospital Will be Handed Over 1st Quarter of 2019-Director General, GHS

The Director General of the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Anthony Nsiah Asare has hinted that, the new Upper West regional hospital which is under construction will be handed over by 1st quarter of 2019 to save the people of the Upper West, Upper East and Northern region time and resources they currently used in order to get access to quality health care in some parts of the country.

He expressed his satisfaction about the stage of work done so far, when he visited the site today, Tuesday October 30, 2018 to see activities going on and ascertain how soon the facility can be put into use. He added, the Upper West Regional Hospital has gotten the highest spate of work among all the other same hospitals that had the same sod cutting with the Upper West own.
On his part, the Resident Engineer, Eg. Ahmed Abo Samaa revealed that, by November 15, 2018 they were be testing the instruments and other gadgets in the facility, adding that, they have the strong conviction that they will be able to fix all the machines and instruments they are currently working on within the next three weeks.
When asked about the rate of percentage done, Eg. Ahmed said there would not be the need to talk of percentage of work done as his men are working tirelessly to meet the stipulated date of testing the machines in November this year and possible handing over the facility for use by the end of the year.
Meanwhile, the hospital oxygen production plant has been installed, MRI machine for scanning also been acquired and sent to the site waiting installation, the floor tiles of major wards have been fixed with almost all the major installations been done.
However, Eg. Ahmed stated that, some of the machines are waiting installation because of the delay of VRA in getting the facility connected to the national grid though the VRA have serve the hospital with two transformers to supply the 160 beds hospital, he added that, they are using their own power source to fix some of the machines while waiting on VRA power supply to install and test others.
This visit was necessitated after the governing council of the Ghana Health Service embarked on a tour to the Upper West Region to interact with workers of some selected health facilities which includes, Poyentanga Health Center, Domangyele CHIPS compound, Wa West District Hospital and the Old regional hospital.
The council has on yesterday visited Poyentanga health center, Domangyele CHIPS Compound, Wa west district hospital all in the Wa West District. The team is expected to visit the Upper West regional hospital and wrapped up its tour to the region with a durbar.

By: Saeed Fatawu


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