UDS Bruhaha: Upper West Youth go ‘Wild’ on Demonstration Ground

Hundreds of youth in Upper West have walked round the streets of Wa demonstrating against proposed realignment and movement of courses to Tamale and Navrongo thereby denying Wa of its status as Social Science Campus. The Faculty of Education was moved to Tamale in 2014 after a proposal was written to Make Wa UDS Autonomous.
Realignment proposal for Wa UDS campus has raised tempers in the region with the youth questioning why no program was proposed for Wa Campus In the realignment report.
Men and Women have hit the Streets today 3rd November 2018 with threatening inscriptions on Placards signaling a notice to some groups, organizations and persons.
The following inscriptions were spotted
“Autonomy Now, Or…..”
“Prof. Amin Be Warned”
“Landlords are Indebted”
“We Will Continue to Resist”
“The Discrimination must Stop”
“We need our Distance Centers Now!!”
“Enough is Enough”
“Upper West MPs Shame!!!”

They have threatened to Storm the Wa Campus to Lock it Up if Nothing is Done.
Graduation ceremony proposed for Wa UDS Campus on 10th November has Been Moved to Tamale.

By: Upperwestmedia.net


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