Metro Bus From Hamile to Sunyani Clashes With SUV; 5 Dead

An accident case was reported this morning as a Metro Mass Bus heading to Sunyani from Hamile missed it’s way and clashed with a Private Car. The Incident happened on the Techiman Sunyani Road with 5 people Reported Dead and 1 Injured. According to Eye witnesses, the issue happened at a sharp curve and due to the speed of the car it couldn’t dodge the Bus as it approached but had to veer towards the bus leading to the accident.
The Metro Bus was Registered GE 9270 -Z and The Car also Registerd GX 2501 – 15.
Most of the passengers of the bus are believed to be from Nandom, Hamile, Lambussie, Lawra and neighboring Burkina Faso, The road safety team urged these people to call to see if their families that have travelled towards Sunyani got to their various destinations.


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