Adulterous Man Beaten Mercilessly In Wa Market[Photo]

A man believed to be in his late forties(40) has allegedly been caught having sex with another man’s wife in the Wa Market.

Suspect of Adultery in Wa Market, Nayaru

The issue which got the youth Aggrieved compelled them to tie him beside a log of wood after which he was flogged mercilessly, the young man shouted and wept as he received strokes of lashes from these young men who tied him up as they kept questioning the victim who ‘Musah’ is.

The Victim who was only referred to as Nayaru is identified as a Security man in the Wa Market who takes care of shops at night.

The woman he allegedly defiled was identified as a blacksmiths wife who resides in Zongo a suburb of the Wa Township.



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