Journalists in Upper West are School Dropouts – Ajansumah

A young man believed to be in his Late thirties have stated that journalists in upper West are School Dropouts.

Ajansumah Said, Upper West Journalists are School Dropouts

He posted this on a platform mounted by Radio Waa and tittled “YESUNG BO-AJENJIE”, a community radio station within the Wa Municipality.
His post came after a Journalist, Ras Pelpuo with W FM also in Wa condemned an article posted by Upperwestmedia on a defilement case within the Wa market involving a man called Nayaru.

He referred to the story as incomplete and full of doubts and after which another member called for the true story if he thinks its false, after several comments, Mr. Ajansumah brought in his comment, stating that “Some Journalists in Wa are School Dropouts”.

Post on Platform.

This was met with varied opinions with some people demanding he retracts his comments.

Checks by confirmed Ajansumah is A Security Man at GN Bank in Bamahu.


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