Upper West’s New Hospital not 1D1F Facility for Breeding Mosquitoes[Opinion]

New Upper West Regional Hospital


Oh! Mr. President!!!!

If for nothing at all, you won 5 parliamentary seats in the Upper West Region for the 1st time OR we should blame those who voted you and your MPs?

Below is a clear picture of life @the old Regional Hospital where children, mothers & fathers are suffering, where the sick are getting more sicker because of poor environment & lack of service materials & equipments, where patients are flood for treatment etc.

Mr. President the ultra modern facility by His Excellency John Dramani Mahama was not build for tourist attraction neither for breading mosquitoes & spiders, for God sake, is to good health delivery to the poor people of this region.

Patients Receiving attention on the floor

Mr. President if out of your political lenses & bigotry, you are abandoning most of NDC projects which was to the benefit of Ghanaians of which U/W is not exceptional because aside the hospital, our airport which was constructed by the Rawlings regime and facelifted by John Mahama is left to the woes of the people & @the expense of businesses, other health facilities in and around the region, road networks, school blocks, water projects etc are all grounded.

Mr. President, health is exceptional and should not be played with nor neglected to the interest of any man. Mr. President, what have done in the U/W region in your 2years 5months?

The writer was a Former Tein President, Wa Poly


_A. Walid Jnr
★Former TEIN Prez – Wa Poly

2 thoughts on “Upper West’s New Hospital not 1D1F Facility for Breeding Mosquitoes[Opinion]

  1. NPP really is a disappointment to Ghanaians, Ghanaians voted for you because your manifesto was reach for a more better Ghana.after voting for you it became west.you only know how to name schools but you can’t build, poor security system and others.
    Say no to NPP 2020


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