Wa East: Teacher pleads for a solar Panel in his House

A Teacher seeks for Solar Panel, Leander Benjamin.

A teacher within Loggu in the Wa East district of Upper west has called on philanthropists to aid him with a solar panel to foster his stay in the district.

According to the teacher by Name Leander Benjamin, electricity is not fully available and this has posed a challenge in his research and studies in order to deliver quality to his students and by this posted a picture of the house he built by himself to enable him stay and carryout his duties, he also bemoaned the instance where the Ghana health service saw it irrelevant bringing Anti snake Vile to the community, According to him, snakes a very much a problem to people in Loggu and it will be a worry if the unfortunate happens and there is no anti snake vile to save the person.

His posts:

#Appealing :
Its farming season again. Snake n scorpion bites among we those at #Loggu n its environs.
I am pleading with anyone who can help the health centres at Loggu n its environs to get such drugs available.
Whenever there

A Teacher seeks for Solar Panel, Leander Benjamin.s a victim, we have to bring the person to Wa. Look at our road , sometimes, before u will get to Wa, it will b late.
Pls, help us
I stand 100% to b corrected…

I am a teacher at Wa East. I tried n put this building up. Now, I need a solar panel system. Pleading with u all for assistance to get a solar panel system to enable me stay n do my work effectively. Thank u

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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