Demonstration against Rosewood harvest and Timber Factory Ideology in Tumu started

Demonstration on the Streets of Tumu against a Timber Factory: Photo: Radford FM

A group of  men and Women within Tumu is the Sissala East preferred to be called “Concerned Citizens of Sissala Land” have hit the Streets of Tumu today 26th August 2019 with regard to a Timber factory to be established in the Municipality.

The group numbering over hundreds held placards and banners with several inscriptions expressing their grieve over the decision to mount a timber factory in Sissala East.

Some posts Upperwestmedia Team could spot on some placards included:

#We need our trees alive
#Shut that timber factory now
#Drop that factory

Some individuals expressing their displeasure with the decision to establish a timber factory in the District as part of the one District one Factory Initiative.

Gbentie Longi Said:

We don’t want any timber factory. We need our Rosewood alive.

Balu Mohammed, a journalist with Radford FM Expressed his displeasure also:

We should all be vanguards of the environment,I support the #shutthatfactory and save the few trees left,trees also breath!!!!

Hatongsuglo Niweremua;

We will never take it.

According to reports, the Sissala East and Wa East Districts have meet a wild felling and export of rosewood trees from the districts by mostly foreign nationals who take advantage of the supposed weak systems in the country.

Few months ago a Chinese lady, Helena Huang, 43 was arrested in Northern Region with 4 Trucks over logging in the Sissala East Municipality. Her Trucks loaded with rosewood and being transported out of the country were impounded by police in Tamale and in the process of investigation, she escaped from the police custody.

Similarly, a youth group impounded a vehicle loaded with rosewood 6 months ago and had to let go of the truck after alleged police brutality.

With regards to climate change, the act of deforestation will engineer severe consequence on agriculture and human life with increase ozone layer depletion.

Ban on Rosewood

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources in March 2019 placed a total ban on the harvest and export of Rosewood.
The ban followed reports that there was fresh felling of the tree despite a partial in 2017 ban which allowed already cut down trees to be salvaged.


One thought on “Demonstration against Rosewood harvest and Timber Factory Ideology in Tumu started

  1. pls I never run away, I made misticke,and was punished。I like ghana,I will be back soon to start my new business。I like tumu, tumu is like my second hometown,too much miss there,miss all the good people there。


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