Wa West: Nako residents demand compensation for farms affected by road construction

File Photo

Residents of Nako, a farming community in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region who have their farms along the Nako-Polee road are demanding compensation from the district assembly.

Their crops have been destroyed by a road construction project awarded to a contractor by the Assembly from Nako to Polee.

The affected farmers who lauded the project in an interview with Radio Progress are not happy about the period of the construction.

The farmers have their crops been destroyed as a result of the construction. Some of the farmers said they depend on the crops to carter for their families.

The residents added that though the community was duly informed about the project, they least expect the construction to begin in the farming season.

The 4.5 kilometer road from Nako to Polee is among other feeder roads earmarked for construction and was announced by the vice President Dr Mahamud Bawumia in June this year when he visited the Upper West Region.

By: Radio Progress

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