Water shortage hits Wa

Shortage of Water in Wa

The Upper West regional capital, Wa has been hit with a water crisis for over a week, following a fault on the water production plant at Jambusu.

Authorities cite the overflow of water from the Black Volta due to torrential rainfall as the cause.

Joy News correspondent, Rafiq Salam reports that residents have to form long unending queues at commercial mechanised boreholes for potable water.

municipality who cannot afford to buy water, bank their hopes on intermittent rainfall.

Some residents have lamented the toll on productivity as a result of the crisis. “I spent almost the entire day just in search of water for my family,” an affected resident noted.

In the midst of the shortage, however, some residents have expressed outrage that they still receive bills from the GWCL.

“Our water is not flowing and the pipes are locked but they keep bringing bill; on Tuesday they brought a bill of GH¢400…” a frustrated resident blurted out.

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), meanwhile, said as a short term measure, it has activated the underground borehole system in the municipality to enable them pump water to clients.

Authorities at the regional office of the water company said a team of experts from Accra has already been dispatched to Jambusu to fix the fault with the plant.

By: Joy News

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