Wa Forestry Reserve now Dumping Site for Expired Goods

Wa Forest Reserve

The Wa Forest Reserve located in Kunta, a suburb of Wa Municipality in Upper West has become a dumping site for traders within the region.

The forest cover which is composed of over 1,500 different trees has been endangered by this practice as some of these items are sometimes set ablaze in the forest.

Some expired milk Drinks spotted by Upperwestmedia Team were disposed off in the Forest lately alongside some empty glass bottles which hardly decay off.

The lactic products by name Namic Soymilk according to the inscription was produced on 15th of March 2018 and expired on 14th March 2019.

According to the food and Drugs Authority, product that expire should be properly disposed with close monitoring by the authority.

Mr. Albert Ankomah’s Address.
Guidelines on the Shelf-Life Packaging.

The Main Purpose is to Make Such foods Unavailable to consumers within the Market.

Unfit product: product regulated under part 7 under the public health act 2012 which contravenes the position of the part.
Before a product is imported or allowed into the country, the product should have 60% of its life intact.
Expired foods can’t be repackaged or given to charity.


2,500 penalty units
I penalty unit is Ghc12.00

Local Products: Manufacturer/Producers should know the lifespan of the product through laboratory tests.(Dawadawa).
A person shall not dispose off an unwholesome regulated product without the supervision of the authority.

A person who contravenes subsection(3) shall pay a fine of not more than five thousand penalty units to the authority.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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