Wa-Kpongu: No Road Linking Bamahu, We are Stuck – Residents to MCE

FootPath linking Kpongu and Bamahu

Residents of Both Bamahu and Kpongu Communities within the southernmost part of Wa Municipality have bemoaned the state of their accessibility to both business communities.

According to residents of Kpongu, they find it difficult travelling to Bamahu which is a business town even though its close to their community, explaining further, they stated that the two communities are just one Kilometer apart but due to some factors like earmarked roads linking the two not ploughed, its difficult to use the bushes in movements.

They sited a footpath between the southern fence of Wa Polytechnic linking Bamahu as a shortcut but due to its nature it can’t be used by vehicles or bikes for safety reasons.

They concluded that houses are being built between the two communities and if roads are sighted and ploughed, it will boost businesses and development within those two communities because of the Polytechnic sighted in Wa-Kpongu which will soon be converted to technical university and Wa-UDS which will soon be autonomous and equally in Bamahu.

They called on the Wa Central MCE Mr. Issahaku Tahiru Moomin and other stakeholders to assist in getting the issue addressed.

Upperwestmedia Team cross checked on the situation and noted that there were two roads earmarked by the Regional Lands commission for construction and expected to ease movement to and fro the two communities but little has been done to open those roads to motorists.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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