Dusty sky throws people of the Upper West Region into a state of wonder

Dust in the Upper Regions of Ghana

Residents of towns and communities in the Upper West Region on Thursday woke up to an unusual spectacular sight in the sky that left many in awe.

It was not the usual clear, bright sky one would mostly rise to in the morning. It was a sky filled with a thick cloud of dust, similar to the characteristics of the Harmattan.

According to our Correspondent in the region, Senyalah Castro, the dust, which seem to be falling from the sky, is reported in areas including Bongo, Bolgatanga, Tongo, Navrongo, Zebilla, Paga etc. and areas within the North East Region such as WaleWale, Naleirigu and the Upper West Region.

He said the weather condition has reduced visibility on the roads and one could barely see far away. He added that, the dust is settling on trees, roofs and on items left in the open.

Our reporter says the unusual sight has left many people asking where the dust could be coming from since there was no wind storm the previous night even though the rains attempted a fall.

While a section of the people said it could be God’s way of cleansing the area of the deadly Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) to set them free from contracting the viral infection, some said it could be signs of the Endtime.

“Chasing away COVID-19, the Divinities and Ancestors are wrestling with the virus and that is the dust from it”. A resident commented on Facebook.

“It must be dust from the Sahara Desert” another resident added on Facebook.

There were many who also believed the dust had been blown from the Sahara Deserts.

Efforts to reach the Regional Office of the Ghana Meteorological Service (GMS) for an explanation of the unfamiliar development proved futile.

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