MY CHOSEN WORDS To Dr. Hafis Bin-Salih; On COVID-19!

Dr. Bin Salih At the New Regional Hospital

Dear Regional Minister,
I bring you greetings from the good people of our region. As my caption suggests(chosen words), I will try to be very brief and precise knowing that you have so much on your table. Thank you!

Dr, my concerns are on our preparedness, clarity and transparency in protecting natives and fighting COVID-19. Hon. Minister, I’m hopeful that you will take good interest and respond or address the issues I’m about to forward to you.

Hon. Minister, with regards to the six(6) new cases that the Upper West Region has recorded, may I know one or two key things?
1. Though in your press briefing, you stated clearly where these people came from and I must applaud you for that, but the information is not full and not satisfying for that matter once you couldn’t state how or by what means they used into the region. Was it by air or land?

2. I will like to know whether our region have a quarantine or isolation centre, and if yes, where can it be located? If no, why?

3. I will again like to know the six(6) new people tested positive, where were they between the period that their samples were taken and the time that the results were out? Is it that they were put somewhere or they were still living with us?

4. Hon. Minister, I will also like to know the strength of contact tracing in our region;
● Has it been effective?
● Do we have a contact tracing team?
● Are they available materials and resources for them?
● Or one person like the regional health director is doing our contact tracing due to lack of logistics like fuel etc..
● Sir, again what’s the strength of PPEs in the region for our health workers to enable them work under protection? Do we have enough? If no, what are your plans?
● Hon. Minister, the six(6) new cases, I will also like to know whether as it stand, the individuals tested positive are aware of their status? Have they been informed? And where are they now?

Dr. Hafis Bin-Salih, let me also ask some few genuine questions on the said 16 or is it 14 people whose samples were also taken awaiting results;
1. Where are these people? Have they been quarantined or isolated? Or they’re still walking with us?
2. Where from them? And how do they come?
3. Are they contacts traced on the six(6) new cases? If yes how many so far? And if know why?

To conclude; Hon. Minister, i have heard just some few minutes ago that a Nigerian by name #OKAFOR #SIMON #CHUKUOLU who has tested positive here in the region has absconded. If may know;
1. Is it a new case? If yes when?
2. Is he part of the six(6) new case?
3. Where did he escape from? From his home? From an isolation centre or quarantine centre?

Thank you Hon. Minister, is my hope that you address these concerns as natives of our dear region are living in fear and panic because information on the management of COVID-19 is not always clear and it borders speculation which is bad and have a great effect in this fight.

Let me also acknowledge that, I have spotted the steps taken to cure CSM in the region upon the continues call from our MP Dr. Hassan Rashid Pelpuo and natives though the government response is long over due, but been late is better than never, they say.

Thank you and may Allah protect us in this abnormal times.

By; A. Walid Jnr

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