Poachers in Sissala East attack migratory elephants, One Killed

Migratory Elephants from Neighboring Burkina Faso

Five migratory elephants have come under attack by poachers in the Sissala East municipality that has left one dead.

Two out of the five-headed to Gbele resource reserve in the Sissala East from the Nazinga forest of Burkinafaso on Monday 13th April 2020.

According to Dr Nana Owusu-Ansah, Park Manager of Game and Wildlife of the forestry commission who spoke to RadfordFM in Tumu said, poachers from communities around Tasor and Bugubelle attacked and killed one of the elephants at the blind side of Game and Wildlife officials who got outwitted.

“The elephants migrate from Burkina Faso to Ghana every year between the months of April and August. The Wildlife Division got information about the animals at 11am on the 13th of April, 2020 and quickly moved to protect them and also against any possible attack on the people from the animals”.

Dr Owusu Ansah added however that “When we got to scene at about 12:45 in the afternoon of the same day we heard one has been shot and killed. We needed to search through the bushes to find the exact spot the dead animal was lying as the people refused to show us the location”.
We were able to find two people who were carrying pieces of elephant meat around 3pm and we arrested them. They were taken to the Municipal Police Station for investigation, Dr Owusu indicated.

He revealed that “Later on we searched for the dead animal and found out that the tusk and other valuables of the animal have been taken away. What was left was the skull and a piece of the hip bone. The other animal has moved towards the Sissili River which is one of the migratory routes of the animals whilst other information suggests it’s been found around Sandema”.

Dr Owusu Ansah said on Thursday 16th April 2020 in an interview with Radford 107.5FM another three elephants moving from the Gbele reserve passed through the Jeffisi forest at 18:00GMT in the Sissala West also came under attack after one of the elephants was reportedly shot.

“Then again on the night of 16th April, the wildlife Division heard of another three elephants which were heading towards a forest reserve around Jeffissi in the Sissala West. The animals were threatened again by poachers but the Wildlife Division has deployed personnel to protect them. Dr Owusu-Ansah has reiterated that investigation is ongoing to arrest the poachers who shot and killed the first animal”.

Alarmed by the double attack on the elephants, residents were called to stay off their route or get harmed, Wildlife officials took to the local radio station RadfordFM to serve the warning.

Dr Owusu-Ansah whose officials have in their possession the skull of the deceased elephant after communities took away the carcass has warned, the commission will prosecute hunters who harm protected animals.

Filed By: Radford FM/Tumu

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